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Organisations in GrantNav

GrantNav provides a view of all the grants associated with a single organization together in GrantNav. Because one organisation can have lots of different variations of their name (“Cancer Research UK“, “cancer research uk“, “CRUK“, and so on), GrantNav uses the organisation identifiers in the Recipient Org:Identifier and Funding Org:Identifier fields to match grants to the same organisation.

Sometimes, publishers don‘t provide the same identifier for a given organisation - especially if the organisation has multiple registrations (such as both a company number and a charity number), or a particular funder doesn‘t have a record of their registration number, using their own internal identifier instead. In this case, a single organisation will have multiple pages on GrantNav.

In order to provide a consistent experience, GrantNav looks up the names of registered charities in the Charities Commission data and uses the registered name for filtering.