Search, explore and download UK grants data

Search, explore and download UK grants data published by funders in the 360Giving Data Standard.


Search, explore and download UK grants data published by funders in the 360Giving Data Standard.

GrantNav lets you search for words within grants that have been published by funders, and then refine your search in various ways. From your search results, you can click through to see individual grants, or download the results for further analysis.

Search Results

GrantNav will search for the words that you enter into the search bar within the scope that you select, and then display the results that it finds. If you‘ve searched for multiple words, then it will display grants that contain all of the words, then grants that contain only some of the words. Grants that contain the search terms multiple times appear higher up.

Irrelevant results

If your search matches lots of results, then even though the ones on the first page are relevant to you, the ones further down might not be. If you‘re using search results for research or statistical work, be sure to check the bottom of the results to make sure that the entries there are relevant.

To learn more about how the search results are compiled, see Search Results


On the left-hand side of the search results page are a number of filters which let you see only the grants that meet the specified criteria.

Missing Results

If a grant doesn‘t contain the information that a filter uses to work out which results to display, then GrantNav won‘t include it in the results for that filter. Because the 360Giving data standard doesn‘t require locations for every grant, grants that don‘t contain location information won‘t ever appear in searches that are filtered for location.

To see what all the filters do, see Refining Results

Download Results

GrantNav helps you find a set of results, which can be exported for analysis in spreadsheet software or statistical packages. At the top-right of each set of search results are download links for .csv and .json format downloads of the data.

The .csv file contains the mostly commonly-requested fields, while the .json file contains the full grant records. To learn more, see Exporting Data

Organisation Pages

It can be helpful to see all of the grants given or received by a single organisation on one page. You can click on the names of funders and recipients throughout GrantNav to see all of the grants that they‘ve given or received.

Identifying Organisations

Organisations aren‘t always identified in the same way by funders when they publish their data. This is especially common when an organisation has multiple identifiers (such as when a company is a registered charity) or if an organisation has changed its form over time. The organisation pages are based on the organisation‘s IDs, rather than name.

If you‘re looking to see all of the grants given to or by an organisation, then a combination of the organisation ID pages and search will help you to find all of the grants in GrantNav.

To learn more about organisations in GrantNav, see Organisations

Location Pages

GrantNav has a page for each location - at ward, district and region levels - that lists all grants that have location data included.

To learn more about locations in GrantNav, see Locations