Search, explore and download UK grants data

Search, explore and download UK grants data published by funders in the 360Giving Data Standard.

Data in GrantNav

What data is in GrantNav?

Every night (UK time), GrantNav loads all data that:

  • is listed in the 360Giving Registry
  • passes validation against the 360Giving Schema
  • is available under a license that allows re-use for any purpose (such as OGL or CC-BY 4.0)

GrantNav incorporates some of the enhancements to data that are carried out by the 360Giving Data Store. These enhancements don‘t introduce any new information, but provide helpful description of the information already in the grant, such as including the names of geographical locations and providing the Charity Commission registered name for charities.

For details, please see the Data Used in GrantNav page.

What data isn‘t included in GrantNav?

GrantNav only includes data that has been published by funders using the 360Giving standard.

Other tools that work with grants data will often incorporate multiple data sources, including primary research, reports in other formats, and 360Giving data. GrantNav doesn‘t include anything other than the data provided by funders, with the enrichments described above.